To see the event of Jan. 7 2016, STORIES FROM THE FIELD: THE MEANING OF PRIDE, see below.

"Stories from the field: the meaning of pride" - January 7, 2016

 an interactive dialogue

For the first time in UNHQ, staff members who identify as LGBTI spoke openly about themselves and their experiences serving in the field, including in political missions, peacekeeping operations, and UN offices such as in Entebbe, Uganda. 




Stories from a UN parent: Equality for all children - March 17 2016

an interactive dialogue

UN parents who have adopted or had children through surrogacy speak of the joy of being a parent and their regrets that the current UN parental leave policies have not granted them equal parental leave time with their children.

A must watch!



Stories from Nairobi - Local LGBTIQ activists speak!

an interactive dialogue

Local LGBTIQ Kenyan activists speak at the UN Office in Nairobi for the first time ever at this UN-GLOBE event.