The best way to join us is by joining our mailing list. You will receive the latest UN-GLOBE news, messages from the UN-GLOBE President, and information on UN-GLOBE and LGBTI events taking place around the world. E-mail us at, and please specify your UN employer, and your duty station.


If you are an LGBTI staff member, or retiree, you can also join us at Groupspaces, where you will be able to network with your colleagues. Please go to and click on Join Group (on the right). Fill out your member profile with as much information as you are comfortable sharing. You can also use an alias. But we would ask that you do specify your UN employer, and your duty station so that we can better customize our messages to you. 


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UN-GLOBE cannot function without your voluntary annual contributions.

Voluntary annual contributions are modest:

$90 for Professional staff

$45 for General Service, and National staff

Instructions on how to pay will be posted soon.