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Updates on the Work of UN Globe

Updates on the work of UN Globe

UPDATED: The Russian Federation did not submit its proposal for a vote

Dear colleagues,
The Russian Federation has decided not to submit its draft decision for a vote this session. They might try again during the March session of the Fifth Committee. In fact, the Fifth Committee has just wrapped up its work for the year. The issue was not brought up for discussion.
From some updates I have received, Russia concluded they were going to lose the vote – not by much though.
This is a big turnaround from two weeks ago, when it seemed that together with the African Group, the Organization of Islamic Conference states, along with a number of countries from Latin America, and from Asia, the Russian proposal was going to win.
The tireless work of friendly member states; LGBT-rights organizations such as IGLHRC and COC; staff federations and unions at the UN such as CCISUA; and the office of the Secretary-General as well as the Office of Legal Affairs helped turn this situation around. 
UN-GLOBE remained in touch with them, and owes them sincere gratitude.
They broke the consensus in the African Group; convinced most countries in Latin America to vote No; and convinced a number of countries from Asia to abstain. The OIC states, however, maintained consensus, and planned to vote with the Russians. 
UN-GLOBE will continue to monitor this situation as the proposal may surface again in March.
At the same time, we will continue our work to ensure equality for LGBTI staff at the UN.
As I mentioned in earlier e-mails, there are a number of position papers we will work on that will address the needs of transgender and intersex staff; that will address the needs of staff with HIV and AIDS; and that will address the needs of LGBTI staff who decide to start families.
Actionable points for an inclusive mobility policy addressed to UN organizations is at its final stages right now.
And, of course, we will continue to fight for equality in pension rights.
Hoping to write to you again in the new year on all these initiatives,
Hyung Hak Nam (Alfonso)
President, UN-GLOBE