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Updates on the Work of UN Globe

Updates on the work of UN Globe

A note from UN-GLOBE about the new US Visa changes


As you may be aware, the US State Department has implemented a visa policy change that will no longer recognize those in same-sex domestic partnerships. Going forward, only spouses in same-sex marriages will receive visas. 

We know that this impacts a number of you, particularly those not currently in the US. New York may no longer be the sought-after destination you had in mind. And marriage may be an option that comes with terrible constraints, including the possibility of criminal charges in your home country.

If you are impacted by this and you are concerned about what marriage may mean for you in terms of your security or that of your spouse, please contact us at ohrm_globe@un.org 

Also, for those of you already in New York City, or soon to be assigned to New York, please know that City Hall allows foreign nationals to get married.

UN-GLOBE will do everything it can to reverse this situation. Same-sex couples already face enough hurdles as it is to legalize their unions and to have these unions recognized. This is why domestic partnerships matter: because, for one thing, it expands the number of limited choices available. It is unfortunate that it is in the United States that yet more hurdles will be faced.

Domestic partnerships do matter.