UN Globe at the United Nations
Advocating for the equality and non-discrimination of LGBTI staff in the UN system and its peacekeeping operations

Updates on the Work of UN Globe

Updates on the work of UN Globe

Announcing two new UN-GLOBE Coordinators; Calling for nominations for UN-GLOBE Coordinators for OHCHR, UNDP, UN Women, and WHO

As announced last week, UN-GLOBE is making concerted efforts to ensure gender diversity among its ranks, including more trans-identified and intersex staff.

Two new UN-GLOBE Coordinators have joined us:

Philippa Greer – UN-GLOBE Coordinator for UN Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (Arusha branch) – greer@un.org

Prior to joining the UN in 2015, Philippa worked on equality and human rights issues at the Constitutional Court of South Africa, and on human rights issues more broadly at Reprieve, an international NGO which works to protect those facing extrajudicial detention, torture and the death penalty across the globe.

She is passionate about defending the rights of LGBTI persons, advocates and defenders and believes in the fundamental importance of advocating for equality and non-discrimination in the UN system, and its peacekeeping operations, and of eliminating homophobia and transphobia in the workplace. 

[Andrew Begg will continue to be our UN-GLOBE Coordinator for UN Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (The Hague branch)]

Cristina Franchini – UN-GLOBE Coordinator for Rome – franchin@unhcr.org

Cristina works for UNHCR in the area of Communication and External Relations. In her career, she worked extensively for the protection of LGBTI refugees. In 2007, she started working for UNHCR as a legal officer in the area of arrivals by sea and reception of asylum seekers and then, for many years, in the Italian procedure for the determination of international protection.

Cristina is married to Patrizia, who also works for UNHCR. They have three cats and they share a passion for food and travelling. She says “I have always been open with my both my family and colleagues, who have been supportive, especially when Patrizia and I got married. I think that coming out is the best that you can do to be happy and to allow other people to participate in our life.”

Calling for nominations for UN-GLOBE Coordinators in OHCHR, UNDP, UN Women, and WHO.

UN-GLOBE is looking for Coordinators for OHCHR, UNDP, UN Women, and WHO. We strongly urge women, trans, intersex, and queer-identified staff to apply.

As a UN-GLOBE Coordinator for a UN Agency, and working closely with the UN-GLOBE Board, you will be expected to work with senior officials of your Organization, in particular the head of human resources, to ensure that the LGBTIQ-perspective is heard at all levels of decision-making.

Policies and decisions should have the inputs of LGBTIQ-identified voices.

You will also be a focal point on LGBTIQ issues, and should be accessible to LGBTI-identified staff in your UN Agency.

If you are interested in nominating yourself, please fill out the nomination form attached.

The deadline for nominations is Dec. 22 2017 is 6PM NYC time.

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