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Interview Subjects and Human Resources Officers needed for a new UN-GLOBE initiative with the Fordham Law School on mobility


UN-GLOBE is announcing an exciting new initiative.
UN-GLOBE is partnering with the Leitner Center for International Law at Fordham Law School to study mobility policies across the UN system and to compare them to best practices and emerging norms in the private sector.
We aim to know how best the UN system can support LGBTI staff serving in the field and address homophobia or transphobia. Possible outputs are a white paper; a visual illustration of the challenges faced by LGBTI staff; and an event convening key stakeholders to address key questions.
As mobility policies advance across the UN system and impact more and more LGBTI staff, it is imperative that UN-GLOBE become increasingly field based.
We have already issued position papers on mobility available here, papers that were much discussed in the UN system, including at meetings of the HR Network.
This next step will enable us to make use of the great asset available at the Fordham Law School— its students— in order to better understand current mobility policies, and also better understand how they could be better.
We ask for INTERVIEW SUBJECTS WHO HAVE SERVED OR ARE IN THE FIELD (or in non-headquarter duty stations) to please volunteer and meet with researchers to share your experiences.
We also ask for HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICERS to please volunteer and share your thoughts on mobility policies from your perspective in HR.
Anonymity can be granted, and we can address as well any concerns you may have.
Interviews can be carried out in person, over the phone, or via Skype.
Your participation is crucial for the success of this project, and I hope many of you will respond.
Please write to us at ohrm_globe@un.org or to me at nam@un.org to volunteer or for any questions you may have.
Also, kindly forward this to any contacts you have who may be able to help.
Hyung Hak Nam (Alfonso)
President, UN-GLOBE