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UN-GLOBE is unveiling its IDAHOT 2014 campaign, with the theme: Equality Starts at Home.

We have produced four posters (in English, French, and Spanish) centered around issues of concern to us, such as discrimination when it comes to same-sex unions recognition; unequal pension benefits; taking a stand against homophobia and transphobia; and on LGBTI staff serving in so-called family duty stations. 

We ask that you get involved by printing any and all of the posters that you like, and that you prominently place them at your workplace.

Also, take a picture of yourself next to the poster(s), and post on your Facebook page and/or Twitter account with the hashtags #EqualityStartsAtHome and #UNGLOBE!

Ask your colleagues to show their commitment against homophobia and transphobia by printing and placing their own posters, with their own submissions to Facebook and/or Twitter!

Or as part of a bonding activity, pose with your colleagues as one group!

Let us know also at ohrm_globe@un.org that you have done this, while indicating your name, duty station, and organization.

Help us spread the word that homophobia and transphobia have no place at all in the UN system!

We thank Xavier Orellana, Vice-President of UN-GLOBE for coordinating this campaign, and we especially thank David Ito for working with us on the posters.

David Ito has also shot a lot of the videos featuring our LGBTI colleagues which we have been posting on our YouTube page as part of our Making Equality Work campaign.

He’s available for hire for any of your communications need, as a videographer, editor, producer, and graphic artist. E-mail him at david_ito@hotmail.com, or at david_ito@tomboproductions.com. Check out his work at www.tomboproductions.com!

Celebrate IDAHOT 2014 on May 17!

Poster 1 – On discrimination when it comes to same-sex unions recognition

Poster 2 – On unequal pension benefits

Poster 3 – On taking a stand against homophobia and transphobia

Poster 4 – On LGBTI staff serving on so-called family duty stations