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News & Events

Celebrate the UN-GLOBE partnership with CCISUA in New York!


You are invited to a get-together UN-GLOBE will be having this Wednesday, Nov. 1 at the Delegate’s Lounge, starting at 5.30PM.

We’ll be toasting an agreement between UN-GLOBE and CCISUA to work together to ensure equality and inclusiveness for LGBTI staff in all policies of the UN. You can download the CCISUA/UN-GLOBE Memorandum of Understanding here.

This will be a get-together organized jointly with CCISUA, the staff federation representing staff from ILO, UNHCR, UNICEF, the UN Secretariat, and WFP, among others. Their representatives will be in attendance.

When: Wednesday, Nov. 1, starting at 5.30PM
Where: Delegate’s Lounge

Please RSVP at ohrm_globe@un.org to have a sense of how many will be showing up. If you need assistance getting into the Delegate’s Lounge, please get in touch in ADVANCE so we can make arrangements.

Update: Photos from the event can be found in the Photo Gallery

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