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Updates on the Work of UN Globe

Updates on the work of UN Globe

Important message about email accounts for Trans staff members

Dear all,

As the UN Secretariat moves from the Lotus e-mail system to the Outlook e-mail system, we have become aware that for the e-mails of trans staff, the name you identify with is being replaced by your legal name. This means that those you communicate with see the latter.

This is a serious problem, and UN-GLOBE has immediately worked with the Office of Information Communications Technology (OICT) to find solutions.

Together with OICT, we have discussed two short-term solutions:

UN-GLOBE will forward to OICT all the names of trans staff who would be impacted so that they can pre-emptively ensure no trans staff is impacted once moved to the new e-mail system.

Those whose e-mails have already been migrated should send a request to helpdeskoict@un.org cc’ing us at ohrm_globe@un.org to request a name change. OICT staff will be instructed to handle these requests immediately and confidentially.

We will continue to work with OICT to find a long-term solution.

For now, please let us know if you are a trans staff member who foresees to be impacted by the move so we can forward your names to OICT.

If you know of a trans staff, please forward this message to the trans staff.

For questions, you can contact us at ohrm_globe@un.org.

If a similar problem is going on in your UN organization, please contact us.