UN Globe at the United Nations
Advocating for the equality and non-discrimination of LGBTI staff in the UN system and its peacekeeping operations

Updates on the Work of UN Globe

Updates on the work of UN Globe

Update as of August 2017 + Elections Announcement

Dear colleagues,

I wanted to announce to you that starting tomorrow, we’ll start the elections for the UN-GLOBE Board (which is made up of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer).

Speaking for the Board, I can say that it has been a really substantial two years.

UN-GLOBE has managed to substantially advance or complete the objectives I had spoken of at the beginning of this two-year term:

–        Proposals on inclusive policies towards trans staff of the UN system have been completed. They are currently being reviewed by trans civil society activists.

–        Proposals on inclusive policies towards staff with HIV have been drafted, and they are pending final discussions between UN Plus, the staff group that represents staff with HIV, and UN-GLOBE.

–        The survey on the state of homophobia and transphobia in the UN system is undergoing final review by the UN-GLOBE Board.

–        And most importantly, equality in pension benefits for same-sex couples has been won.

In addition, we have added over 10 UN-GLOBE Coordinators in duty stations such as Nairobi and Nepal, and in UN agencies, from OPCW to WMO.

Going forward, there’s now the need to implement and see implemented the initiatives I have just described, to build on what has already been started, without forgetting about other crucial issues for UN-GLOBE such as mobility.

I want to make that one more push to see a more diverse and inclusive UN. Ensuring that an openly trans staff member or a gay staff member with HIV can go from being an Administrative Assistant to an Under-Secretary-General during one’s career at the UN matters to me.

I want to do whatever I can contribute to ensure this path is open.


Hyung Hak Nam (Alfonso)

President, UN-GLOBE